Big Star Lake & State of Michigan Rules
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    *   Boating, Water Skiing, etc. only from 11 A.M. to 7:30 P.M. 
*   "No Wake" hours from 7:30 P.M. to 11 A.M. 
Drive around lake counter-clockwise. 
*   Maintain 100-foot distance from boats and other objects. 
*   Observe all laws, ordinances, and safety rules. 


                        Jet Skiis...

     *    are regulated by the marine Safety Act. 
*    may not be operated between sunset and sunrise. 
*    must maintain 100-foot distance from docks, rafts, and bouyed 
         or occupied bathing areas. 
*    may not cross any vessel's wake within 150 feet. 


                       Jet Skiers ...

     *    may not be less than 12 years old. 
*    may be less than 16 years old IF: **they hold Boating Safety
         Certificates or **are accompanied by persons 16 or older. 
*   must ski in a reasonable and prudent manner. 


                       Safety tips:  BOATING LAWS 
                    (These rules apply to operators of all watercraft, Including jet skiers.)

     1.     The speed limit on inland waters is 55 mph. 

2.    Maintain a distance of 100 feet from all anchored, moored, or 
           drifting craft, occupied swimming areas, docks, and rafts, 
           unless you are operating at a slow, "no wake" speed. 

3.    Operators of watercraft over six (6) horsepower must be above
             sixteen (16) years of age unless, between the ages of twelve (12) 
             and (16), a young person holds a Boating Safety Certificate or 
             is accompanied by an adult. 

4.     Each watercraft must be equipped with at least one Coast
            Guard-approved, wearable floatation device ("life jacket") 
            for each person on board.  Requirements for fire extinguishers 
            and lifelines depend on the craft's size and use (consult Michigan

     5.    Craft that tow skiers or marine devices must be equipped with a 
           170 mirror and have on board some other competent observer 
           than the operator. 

     6.     While a craft is under weigh, no one may stand or sit on any part 
            of it which was not built to be stood or sat on (e.g., sides or deck). 

     7.     Sailboats shall have right of way over motor craft. 

     8.     Motor craft shall be only operated wtih adequate, functioning 
           mufflers. No person shall so operate any craft as to disturb 
           the peace of others. 

     9.     All craft shall move in counter-clockwise directions on inland 
           bodies of water. 

     10.    Operating watercraft while under the influence of drugs 
            and/or alcohol is illegal and subjects apprehended operators 
            to arrest. 


When in doubt, call DNR 6th District Headquarters in Cadillac: (616) 775-9727


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