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Having an interest in History, I have searched far and wide for anything about "Big Star Lake", but was not able to come up with very much. So I started  interviewing and chatting with some of the older residence of the area, and have heard many stories and learned a lot. Some of the stories may be true, or  "hearsay", but many times the "hearsay" didn't just come about out of "thin air", there had to be some back ground for the stories. SO - for this reason I am  starting this web site to include Reminiscences, stories, and old pictures (not just people or groups of family members) of Big Star Lake. I am using the 50 year  mark as where ‘history should begin’, or there about. So if you can pass along any, and all OLD stories and happenings, or just what it was like when you were a  kid, or what you remember your parents talking about.     Email all to:   

     Many people have been asking who is doing this web site, and suggesting that I should put my name on the page.  I have tried to avoid that because I did not want this page to be 'about me', or 'my page'.  It is about BIG STAR LAKE, and it is EVERYONES page - about the history of the lake we all love.  
     I started doing the research for the history of Big Star Lake five (5) years ago, and this page has taken off much faster and better than I had ever dreamed it would when I first put it on line in the middle of April.  It is because of the tremendous amount of interest, and contributions from all the families that have been on the lake much longer than I have, like the Barnum., and Wahl-Heideman Families, and several others that are yet to be 'discovered'.  So Thank You to every one who have been so willing to share their history with ALL of us.   ~Luann

Great Pictures sent in from:

Terry Holland, he writes: 
"Here are my brother Gary and I near Canterbury in 1955, 
the year they thought the lake was going dry. 
Look how much beach! I'm the little guy, pointing toward the water"

Terry also sent in the following picture and says: 
Here is the sign, that was on Star Lake Rd. at the tower road, 
kiddy corner from Canterbury Rd. I acquired it after the 
Tower was taken down, and have had it for about 40 years. 

This picture is new, but this Snapping Turtle has to be "Historic"! 
Paul Oosterheert, Memorial Day Weekend 2014.  
Thanks for permission to post this picture Paul. 


Loon on Nest:  ©Julie Prys



         BARNUM homestead 
         RYSKAMP homestead

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         Oak Lodge Resort  
         Lake Side Ridge  
         Log Lodge
         Canterbury Park  
         Blue Horizon Camp  
         Pine Lodge 
         Gidleys' Resort, Trailer Park 
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 1. Pine Grove Beach                                               14. Craven's/Gidley's/Big Star Lake RV Park
 2. Snug Harbor                                                       15. Marquette Trails Golf Club
 3. Chapel                                                                16. Hotel/Oak Grove Lodge
 4. Fire Station                                                         17. Barnum Homestead
 5. Phil Ryskamp Homestead                                    18. Wahl-Heideman Family Homestead
 6. DNR Boat Launch                                              19. Blue Horizon
 7. Bayak Beach                                                      20. The Bowrey
 8. Odd Fellow & Rebecca Youth Camp                 21. Big Star Lake Inn 
 9. Gifford Lake                                                       22. Orchard Lake
 10. Echo Lake                                                        23. Rainbow Lake
 11. Basford Lake                                                    24. Black Bear Spotted (VanBlarcum Rd.)
 12. Lake Cecilia                                                      25. Reed Lake
 13. Canterbury Park



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